Avro and Tros, two broadcasters with long, proud histories merged and moved in 2014 to the monumental and previous Radio Netherlands World Broadcasting building. 

Respect for the original architecture form and materials was a priority on the new design. Giving it a timeless modernity was fundamental in this renovation. It's previous office segmentation was removed and a new, transparent and clean layout was added. 

Original mosaic slab ceilings and concrete columns were made visible. The building breaths an atmosphere of light and openness, characterizing the optimistic spirit of the Reconstruction Era. A perfect connection with the AVROTROS charisma. 

The 12.000 m2 allocate the new TV studio, editing and meeting rooms, a restaurant and office space which are now modernized and ready for the demands and needs of both today and the future. 

Photography: Sónia Arrepia