Sligro - ZiN Inspiration Lab

Gastronomically speaking, wouldn't it be great if there was a place where all aspects of the trade would come together? Well, yes, obviously. Sligro's ZiN inspiration-lab is precisely such a place. ZiN is an inspiration center where cooks, restaurant owners, bar staff, barista's, bbq chefs, really anyone in the food trade can go (on invitation) to experience the latest and the greatest. Cooking masterclasses, training, wine tastings, barista workshops are just some of the activities possible in the experience.

One enters ZiN through a long hallway and experiences Sligro's past through a timeline with large photos and texts. At the end of the hallway, there is a hologram inviting you to come in. This is where the experience really starts. You enter the realm senses. We tried to isolate each sense and emphasize on it. We did this to make visitors aware of the importance of all information coming in: smell, vision, touch, hearing, taste, it all works together. At the end of this area you enter the main experience, this is where the magic happens... A large kitchen for master classes, an inspiration lab, a wine tasting area, a cinema, outdoor cooking, boardrooms, barista-workshop, auditorium, almost too much to comprehend.