Albert Heijn



A newly developed XL formula for Albert Heijn where the focus point is fresh and really good food. With more than 200 quality products added to it’s assortment and staff as “masters” of their departments, this is the market-place where you can find everything you need. 

A store where food plays the main role and everything else lays in the background. This has been achieved by placing the products on the spotlight and giving the architecture a less prominent role. We've created a clear balance between product and store by using natural colors and materials. Contemporary and progressive instead of traditional. In collaboration with Blink Office we've also completely revised and developed the in-store communications. A more informative, rather than inspirational tone of voice was chosen. Inspiration comes through the products and the services of the staff. A redesigned shop layout, with clear lines of sight to the various departments in combination with new product presentations offers the user a new shopping experience. This is the best Supermarket. 

Photography: Blink